The Far Isles Half-Elven
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Artwork by Igor Glushkin

  How Do You Imagine Elves?  
Are your elves erudite and contemplative?
Do your elves breathe magic?
Are your elves masters in a world without enemies?

How about a different kind of half-elf?
The Far Isles Half-Elven are a cantakerous lot.

Read their history and find out why.

Read My Fantasy Stories
find out why my reviewers think I break the elf-mold.


News from My Half-Elven Writing Scene.

Actually there isn't any, but
Crossings, set in my other world of Andor
 [where demons stalk humans] is now published and available on
Amazon, Smashwords, Nook, and KOBO


Read about Renna's story set just after the Half-Elven Rebellion

Troublesome Neighbors

When Renna, the holder of Ren Creek, rejects her neighbors suit, his home guard starts vandalizing her villages. She hates fighting, but she's duty-bound to protect her people. Then, Renna gets caught between the two factions fighting for control of the Marches.

Read the opening sample of Renna's story
in several eformats.

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Review Comments:

“strategy, conflict, soul-searching, courage [put] together … so effectively
you're left almost dumbstruck.”

“The fantasy aspects were fascinating
and I especially liked Renna's personal strength”

"The pig was the best supporting character."


The Sequel to Troublesome Neighbors:
Click the side bar to read the first Chapter of
Black Tail's War

Currently in revision.
Expected release Winter 2014.

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